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Surface Solutions 1

When you need to find the right wall covering solution, it can be difficult to know where to start. You might have multiple catalogs from different vendors, each with their own set of products and prices. This makes it difficult to compare prices and products across catalogs, which can lead to confusion, frustration, and missed opportunities.

Prime Walls Surface Solutions 1 has made things easier for you by providing a single source for all of your wall covering needs. With Prime Walls Surface Solutions 1, you'll get:

- Contract Wall Coverings: Get contract-grade options that are durable and easy to install without breaking the bank.

- Digital Wall Coverings: Choose from a wide variety of digital graphics that can be applied directly onto your walls or doors using our patented technology.

- Dry Erase Wall Coverings: Get dry erase surfaces that are easy to install and will last long enough so that they won't need replacing anytime soon!


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