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When peace of mind is top priority
whether carrying out your vision or partnering with our experienced creative custom carpet design team,
BSH Walls & Floors Hospitality Studio is your ultimate project partner

A one-stop creative shop

Our internal team of custom carpet designers will help develop your concept, prepare custom carpet samples quickly, produce mockup custom carpet for your approval.

We produce and even install your dream custom carpet all to your total satisfaction. It is truly one stop shop for all your custom carpet projects

Tried & Tested. Confidence

As we work with you right from initial inspiration and design stage till final installation, you are always at right hands. You will get best people and best result at every stage of your custom carpet project

Let’s create something spectacular

A collaborative creative process

Whether we’re working with an existing design or creating something entirely new, you get to be the art director


Custom Hospitality Carpet

Custom Residential Carpet

Custom Commercial Carpet

Custom Mosque Carpet


Our Advanced and Diverse technology allows us to utilize best techniques, machinery and raw material to achieve your desired outcome that not only will represent your imagination and creativity but also withstand heavy traffic that will walk over and roll over it for many years, every single day.

Hand Tuft

Custom carpets made using hand tuft technology best demonstrates creative and imaginative mind of their designers and owners since there is no limitation on what can be achieved. To produce your custom made hand tuft carpet, we use wool, viscose, bamboo silk, acrylic and a variety of other fibers


Custom made axminster carpets are popular choice for hospitality projects all across, Dubai, UAR and entire Gulf and Middle East region. We produce custom made axminster carpets in a variety of qualities, 80% wool, 20% nylon in different weights. These custom made axminster carpets can withstand heavy traffic of hotel corridors for many years with minimal maintenance.

Machine Tuft 

Machine Tuft custom machine tuft carpets are popular for hospitality as well as commercial markets. Made mainly out of 100% nylon, these custom made machine tuft carpets are ideal for hotel rooms, offices and public spaces.


Custom print carpet rolls and tiles are getting more popular day by day due to print flexibility, improving print technology as well as short production runs. Custom print carpet rolls and tiles are mainly used on 100% nylon fiber. Custom print carpets are suitable for retail space as a way to showcase brand identity